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How to Clean the House Before Guests Arrive

How to clean the house before guest arrive

It's Easter coming up this weekend! That means family is most likely coming to town to spend time together as a family. That 2nd cousin on your dad’s side is coming and they are very particular about where they stay. You waited until Saturday and they will be at your house in under an hour and you still haven’t cleaned the house. Don’t worry. We can help! If you have 30 minutes:
  • Tidy up the common area where everyone will be spending some time
  • Wipe down the sinks and countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Empty out the garbage
  • Put out guest towels, soap and toilet paper
If you have an hour, do everything else, plus:
  • Vacuum and sweep the floors
  • Clean the toilet and make sure the bathroom is orderly
  • Clear and dust all surfaces
  • Make sure all beds are made, put on fresh sheets if time allows
Your house may not be in the best shape for guests, but at least it will be neater than it was an hour prior. Your 2ndcousin on your dad’s side won’t even know what your house looked like not as neat! Happy Easter to you and your family!