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Centricity Credit Union Foundation

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  • Overview

    Established as the philanthropic arm of Centricity Credit Union in 2021, the Centricity Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to strengthening our community through charitable giving, community involvement, and financial education.

    The Centricity Credit Union Foundation is raising money to support our purpose allowing us to support other 501(c)s in our local area, fund scholarships for local schools, and give back to our community though donations, as well as providing financial education through in school and online financial literacy programs.

    Main Focuses:

    • Community Involvement
    • Charitable Giving
    • Financial Education

    Board of Directors

    Doug Ralston – President

    Scott Christensen – Vice President

    Connie Carter – Treasurer

    Erin Olson – Secretary

    Mark Thorsten – Director

    Sharesse Edwards – Director

  • Events

    We’re excited to announce the return of our Backyard BBQ! We invite you out to our Hermantown branch to enjoy brats & hotdogs with us, courtesy of our sponsor, Super One Foods!

    This year will also mark the launch of the Centricity Credit Union Foundation. The foundation will help to serve the community through more diverse scholarships for local students, supporting other 501(c) non-profits, and giving back to our local communities. Through the Centricity Credit Union Foundation, we can better raise awareness and allocate donations, all possible through the generous support of YOU, our members!

    When: July 20th 11am-1pm

    Where: Centricity Credit Union 4477 LaVaque Rd. Hermantown, MN 55811

  • Scholarships

    Dick Veech Scholarship

    The Dick Veech Scholarship is awarded to a Hermantown High School senior athlete who participated in at least one varsity sport, met eligibility requirements, is a conscientious student in the classroom, and active in their community.

    Dick Veech was the youngest of five children who grew up living in a Jackson Project home, right alongside the Hermantown School. He attended Hermantown School K-12. Dick Veech was a conscientious student, wonderful classmate in the class of 1953, and was a very talented athlete. Some say that Dick was one of the best basketball players ever in 73 years of Hawks hoops to wear the blue and gold. He went on to U.M.D to become a geography and physical education teacher, and played basketball for the bulldogs all four years as “mighty mite” guard. He cared deeply for his family, his students, his athletes, his friends, and his community. He freely showed his emotions, spoke his mind on current issues, enjoyed a hearty meal, liked good conversation, attended hundreds of Hermantown Hawks’ sporting events, and was a true friend to many.

    This scholarship was established in memory of long-time Hermantown teacher and coach Dick Veech by the Centricity Credit Union Foundation for $1500.