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About Centricity CU

Our Story

In 1943, people in the Hermantown community came together to create a credit union to give themselves and their neighbors a trusted, local financial solution. We proudly served members of the Duluth Homestead Association and patrons of the Hermantown Community Store.

Today, we serve around 20,000 people.

By 1965, we were serving 2,371 people. Today, we serve around 20,000 people. We’ve got branch locations in Hermantown, Duluth, and Superior, with members across St. Louis, Carlton, Pine, Lake and Douglas Counties. Our values have remained unchanged since the beginning, while our resources and personnel have grown to meet the demand for increased membership.

We treat all people with respect and care.

We provide financial education and banking solutions to help people understand their options and make moves that have big impacts on their futures.

In July 2017 we changed our name to “Centricity” to reflect our increasing community and member-centric approach to banking.

Joining Centricity

Joining Centricity makes you a part of a local financial team. Great financial options let you grow your money and maximize your budget, while talented staff members help you understand your options and seize opportunities. We’d love to have you join Centricity. Let’s talk about how our accounts can work for your finances.