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Club Accounts

"Went in unsure about how to proceed with setting up accounts. Merete was a big help with telling me about all products, and how they work. This allowed me to leave with 100% of my situation taken care of. I appreciate her help!!!" - Anonymous Member

Get Ahead of Holiday Spending

If you start saving for the holidays or vacation early, you can earn dividends on the amount you’ve already saved while you put a little aside each month. Save and earn dividends at the same time, all without any monthly service fees. You can even set up automatic fund transfers so that you don’t have to remember to move your money every month. With the holiday club, you’ll get your funds in the first week of November, and with the vacation club, you’ll get your funds whenever you need them.


Earn dividends while you save


No monthly fees


No minimum deposit


Online banking and eStatements


Transfer funds anytime or use automatic transfers to build your account balance

Get started on your Account

Getting started on your account is easy, you can apply in one of the following ways:


Apply Online

Apply right now from your computer. It takes 5 minutes.

Apply now


Apply in Person

Do your application from a cozy lobby at any of our branches.

Come see us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The club accounts are designed to allow you to keep funds separated from your regular savings so you can save for anything you desire. Maybe you are interested is a new car, vacation, new furniture….the possibilities are endless.

  • Holiday Club accounts are great!  You keep funds separated from your regular savings and when the holidays come around, we transfer them to your checking account just in time for you to start buying those gifts you have had your eyes on.

Start Saving for the Next Thing

Don't fund holidays or vacations with last second credit card purchases. Grow the money for your next thing by earning dividends while you save up.

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