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Wanderlust Young Adults Account

This account is perfect for 13-18 year olds starting their financial journey. Start your financial adventure off right with tips and tools to help you save, learn and grow. Applying for your first job? Taxes aren’t fun, but do you know what they are for or what you are doing with them? How about building credit? Okay, and college is right around the corner… Lots of questions, lots of unknowns. Why Google it when you can get all you need with Wanderlust financial education with Banzai. Everything you want to learn and more in one place from Centricity.

Explore Your Next Steps

With just $10, you can open your Wanderlust Young Adult account. Start saving, learning and maybe even open a checking account. Whatever is next on your financial adventure, we’ve got you.

Your Financial Journey

Your parent/guardian has to be on your Wanderlust Young Adult account, but your financial journey is YOUR journey. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you. Open your account today and start navigating toward a rich financial future.

Financial Education Made for Young Adults

Build solid financial practices with financial education made for young adults.

Open with a social security number, current address, date of birth, and parent/guardian joint owner information with a state-issued ID.

The Cost of College Life

One of the many mysteries of college, especially freshman year, is what being there is actually going to cost. Sure, you know there’s tuition. But how much will you need to make it through the first semester? The first year?

Keep Reading to learn what to plan for first.

  • Off to college? Tuition isn’t the only thing you need to pay for…Learn to budget and manage all the unexpected and kind-of-expected costs that come with being on your own.

    Keep Reading!

  • Tuition is a mighty big bill, but there are ways to manage the cost. Be creative, smart, and learn the most effective ways to pay for that coveted degree.

    Keep Reading!

  • Around 70 percent of college graduates leave school with some kind of student debt. Using smart strategies, you can efficiently free yourself from student loan debt and move on.

    Keep Reading!

Getting a New Car

There’s more to buying a new car than negotiating and signing on the dotted line. Know what your auto loan truly costs and how to navigate the car-buying process.

Keep Reading for information on auto insurance, savings coaches, and how to budget for your first car.


Try our Auto Loan Affordability Calculator!

Renting a Place to Live

From security deposit to renter’s insurance, renting a place to live comes with a unique set of challenges. Rest easy in your rented home with the power of knowledge and know-how!

Keep Reading about renting a place to live.

Starting a New Job

New job. New benefits. New You. Start your job on the right foot and adjust your personal finances for your new income and benefits package.

Keep Reading on starting a new job.

Building Credit

It takes credit to get credit, and credit is crucial to buying a new home, finding a place to rent, or purchasing a new car. You have to start somewhere, start here.

Keep Reading on building credit.

Learning to Budget

Budgeting isn’t about restriction, it’s about freedom. The best way to avoid financial strain is to know where your money is going and plan ahead!

Keep Reading! on learning to budget.


Try our Budget Calculator!


Taxes are full of nuance and complicated jargon, these resources can help.

Keep Reading on taxes.

Opening a Checking Account

In a world of digital spending and online banking, checking accounts are becoming an increasingly vital part of personal finance.

Keep Reading on opening a checking account

Fraud and Security

Your information is valuable, but with hackers and scammers getting more proficient than ever, it’s also in danger. Protect yourself from fraud by using safe practices.

Keep Reading on fraud and security.

Financial Education Made for Young Adults

Centricity CU has partnered Banzai to bring you clear, in-depth lessons to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.