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Refinance Your Vehicle With Centricity

"Our Lending team has years of experience that can help the applicant by giving them options to consider when making a request.  With that kind of knowledge, we definitely have what it takes to give members ideal solutions to pair them with the right loan."

- Shawn, Director of Consumer Lending

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  • Overview

    Don’t Stick With a Bad Loan

    Have a car payment you don’t love? Get a better rate, better service, and a cash back bonus when you refinance with us. You’ll get the same options of terms and great service that new loans receive.

    • Up to 100% of your loan from a different institution
    • Cash back incentive for switching
    • Better rates
    • Better service
    • A variety of terms that fit your budget

    Step 1

    Estimate how low your payment could be

    Calculations do not guarantee credit approval.

    Test Drive Your Payment

    Estimate Your Monthly Payment

    Step 2

    Get pre-approved

    Getting pre-approved for a loan saves time and energy so you’ll know exactly how much you’re able to spend.

    Step 3

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    Let's get a better loan

    Apply online using the "New/Used Vehicles" option and let us know in the comments that you're refinancing a loan from a different institution.

    Pre-Approve Online
  • Rates
    Rates Effective as of: 08-02-2021

    New and Used Vehicle Loan Rates

    Term APR
    Up to 36 Months As Low As 2.49%
    37-60 Months As Low As 2.99%
    61-72 Months As Low As 3.49%
    73-84 Months As Low As 3.99%
    85-96 Months As Low As 4.49%

    Up to 120% financing available up to 72 months term. 100% financing on extended terms based on collateral and additional requirements. 72 month financing at 3.99% A.P.R equals $15.64 per $1000.00 financed.

    Examples: New & Used Vehicles

    APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective as on September 26, 2018. To apply, view our loans page.