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Refinance Your Vehicle With Centricity

"Our Lending Team has many years of experience. We are here as financial experts to assist our members in their financial journey. It can be your first car or your next truck, we are here for you as life happens."

- Nate - Assistant VP of Lending

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  • Overview

    Don’t Stick With a Bad Loan

    Have a car payment you don’t love? Get a better rate, better service, and a cash back bonus when you refinance with us. You’ll get the same options of terms and great service that new loans receive.

    • Up to 100% of your loan from a different institution
    • Better rates
    • Better service
    • A variety of terms that fit your budget

    Step 1

    Estimate how low your payment could be

    Calculations do not guarantee credit approval.

    Test Drive Your Payment

    Estimate Your Monthly Payment
    How much is the vehicle you want?
    How's your credit?
    How's your credit?
    How many months do you want the loan for?
    How many months do you want the loan for?

    Step 2

    Get pre-approved

    Getting pre-approved for a loan saves time and energy so you’ll know exactly how much you’re able to spend.

    Step 3

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  • Rates
    Rates Effective as of: 03-01-2024

    New Vehicle Loan Rates (Current Model Year & Newer)

    Term APR
    Up to 36 Months As Low As 6.49%
    37-48 Months As Low As 6.74%
    49-60 Months As Low As 6.99%
    61-72 MonthsAs Low As 7.49%
    73-84 Months As Low As 7.99%
    85-96 Months As Low As 8.24%

    Up to 120% financing available up to 72 months term. 100% financing on extended terms based on collateral and additional requirements.

    APR = Annual Percentage Rate. To apply, view our loans page.