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Small Business Loans and Lines of Credit

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  • Small Business Loans & Lines of Credit

    Need financing for your business?

    If your business needs money to grow,  a loan to buy equipment, or a new location to grow our Business Services team is here to help. We have flexible options to meet the unique needs of your business.

    • flexible options to fix your needs
    • Trusted and local lending
    • Vehicles, real estate, or equipment loans

    Business Vehicle Loans

    Get your business moving quickly. Whether you need a commuter vehicle, a specialized truck, or a full fleet of delivery vans, we can help get your business on the road.

    Business Real Estate Loans

    Are you looking to purchase your own building or refinance your existing property for your business? We can help you with the financing. Whether you need money to build a new headquarters or are looking to buy a twelve-unit apartment building for rental income, We can help!


    Business Equipment Loans

    You need the tools of the trade to compete. Maybe you need an office full of new furniture. Maybe your equipment needs an upgrade. If you need new equipment, from heavy machinery to computer systems, talk to us!

    Business Lines of Credit

    If your business needs a line of credit to help you manage cash flow and maximize opportunities, Centricity Credit Union has you covered.


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  • Meet our Team!

    Meet our Team!

    Eric Siljendahl – Business Services Specialist

    Eric has been in the financial industry for the past 26 years holding many leadership roles including consumer lending, branch management and business banking. He has spent the last five years of his career as an award-winning business banking specialist. He has extensive experience in business loan origination, business development, business deposit products, treasury management, business credit cards and merchant services.

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