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  • Overview

    You’re Never Too Old for Prizes

    We’re partnered with uChoose Rewards to offer you extra prizes and free stuff, just for making purchases with your Debit Card. You can use uChoose Rewards with your business accounts or even link up all the family accounts to earn points for the whole family. Redeem points for all kinds of products, events, experiences, and vacations. You know you’re going to shop. Start earning points for something special. Your new card includes the latest chip technology including support for contactless transactions. Contactless means you don’t have to insert your card into the point-of-sale terminal and wait.  Every chip transaction and every contactless transaction includes a unique code, helping to protect against fraud and keep your information safe. The information on your card is now located on the back to deter fraud. Click HERE to learn how to use Contactless Cards. Take a look at our Instant Issue Debit Card Designs HERE!

    • Earn points with your purchases
    • 1 point for every $5 spent on merchant debit purchases
    • Extra points with qualifying retailers
    • Redeem for products, gift cards, and more!
    • Link family accounts to win together
    • Latest chip technology including support for contactless transactions
    • Text Alert Services allow you to instantly keep tabs on suspicious card activity

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    Let's Win Some Prizes

    Spending happens. With uChoose Rewards, you get more out of your spending. Let's get you a new TV or some concert tickets.

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After you activate your uChoose Rewards debit card! (If printed at a branch you can register the next day)

    Choose Credit over Debit when you make purchases and use your card

    You can earn one point for every $5 you spend. Make sure you take a look at the uChoose Rewards website to earn more points by activating deals!

    You can start redeeming rewards after you have earned 1500 points (But the more points you have the better the rewards you can redeem)

    Your points will be available the 1st of the following month

    Immediately (Even before you register your card)

    If you have a joint checking account with someone who already has their uChoose Rewards card registered, then your card is too!

    Your points will expire after 3 years (log into the uChoose Rewards website to get notified if any points will be expiring in the upcoming month)