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CU up North Kids Club

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  • Overview

    Welcome to the Financial Forest with our new CU Up North Kids Club Account! Perfect for children aged newborn to 12 years old.

    • Open with $10.00
    • Fun and cute characters
    • Financial education for your child’s age group
    • Parent is joint owner to encourage saving

    Financial Education

    Walk through the Financial Forest with Banzai and learn more about how to bank and save with child friendly content. The adventures begin with their new furry friends Bernice the bear and Finn the fox, as your child learns about the beginnings of money and how it works.



    Start your child’s CU up North Kids Club account by depositing into Lake Loose Change with just $10.00. This account will encourage your child to continue to save into Lake Loose Change for the things they really want and learn how to maintain a bank account with cute and fun characters.



    As a parent, you are a joint owner of your child’s CU up North Kids Club account. You can encourage your child to save and maintain a bank account while also using the entertaining financial education from Banzai to teach them about money.

    Make saving and banking a part of their lives

    Build solid financial practices by helping your child get their first account. Open with a social security number, current address, date of birth, and parent/guardian joint owner information with a state-issued ID.

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  • Financial Education

    Teaching kids about personal finances gives them a head start, and we don’t just mean piggy banks! Help kids master strategies in investing, saving, and even credit.


    For Parents

    Teaching Kids About Money

    Whether to your own children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews or the child of a close friend, one of the most important things you can teach is how to manage money and invest for the future. Keep Reading!


    Getting Interested

    Savings Accounts

    With a savings account, you earn interest, or a percentage of your balance, on the money in your account. This means that your money is constantly growing. What you earn depends on the interest rate the bank pays—which varies by account type and is set by the bank based upon what other banks pay for similar accounts. Keep Reading!

    View the Full Collection on How to Teach Finance's to Kids

    Explore more calculators, articles, and coaches and give your kids a head start on financial education and cyber security!

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