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Safe Deposit Boxes

Get a safe box
  • Overview

    Safe and Secure.

    Keep you valuables and irreplaceable information safe and secure. There are just some things that you can’t afford to lose, have stolen, or destroyed. A Centricity Credit Union safe deposit box can provide peace of mind knowing that your irreplaceable information is in a secure location.

    • Safe and Secure
    • Available at all Centricity locations
    • Access by appointment
    • Keep all your important documents in one place
    • Annual Rental

    To Open a Safe Deposit Box Please Contact Us and Set up an Appointment

    Get a safe box
  • Common Items to Store

    Common Items to Store in a Safe Deposit Box Include:



    • Birth Certificates

    • Marriage Certificates

    • Family Records

    • Heirlooms

    • Life Insurance Policies

    • Business & Financial Papers

    • U.S. Savings Bonds

    • Deeds and Mortgages

    • Titles

    • Legal Documents and Agreements

    • Contracts

    • Court Decrees

    • Historical Records

    • Any irreplaceable item or document

  • Fees
    Rates Effective as of: 03-23-2023

    Safe Deposit Boxes

    Annual Rental per Box Size - 3"X5"$25
    Annual Rental per Box Size - 5"X5"$40
    Annual Rental per Box Size - 3"X10"$50
    Annual Rental per Box Size - 5"X10"$60
    Annual Rental per Box Size - 10"X10"$90
    Drill/Replace Lock (Including Key)Going Rate +2% surcharge or +$3 (whichever is greater)
    Late Payment Fee$10