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Business Savings

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  • Overview

    Funds to Make Moves

    Your business needs cash on hand to cover unexpected expenses and seize opportunities. In a business savings account, your money isn’t locked behind complex investments and withdrawal penalties, but it also generates extra cash on dividends. Manage your business savings account online, and get access to a dedicated service team that understands the local market.

    Come Prepared!

    Click Centricity CU Business Documents to see what you need to open a Business Account.

    • Open with $10
    • Online banking and mobile access
    • Local service that understands your business
    • Your money stays liquid while earning dividends


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    Money Shouldn't Just Sit There

    Make some dividends while keeping your capital on hand. Talk to us about opening an account today.

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    That will depend on the type of business you have. Please call us at (218)729-7733 or stop in to any branch with any specific questions around business documents. Our friendly staff can give you a list of all the documents required.
    There is a monthly fee on business accounts. The activity in the account will affect the fee you pay. The most you will pay each month is $15.
    Our routing number is 291973739.