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Centricity Credit Union Distance Learning Centers

Centricity Credit Union has opened its doors to employees’ children, serving as a distance learning center so parents can work while kids attend school remotely.


For those who are working in the branch and bringing their kids with them, students are placed in lobbies, conference rooms, or offices depending on the amount of available space and how self-sufficient the child is. In branches where more than one student is working, some stations have Plexiglas partitions so students can more safely distance from one another and avoid spreading germs. All students are required to wear masks, wash hands frequently and undergo temperature checks upon arrival.


Centricity also hired a tutor to spend one day in each office during the week to work with students and help keep them focused. Additional tutoring hours may be added should demand arise, and the program is expected to continue for as long as students are doing distance learning.


“It was a unique opportunity that was presented to us. We sat down and said, how can we help? What can we do as a credit union to support our staff in this trying time and try to relieve some of the burden of them trying to find other people to watch the kids during the afternoon or having to go to a parent or grandparent. This is just an extension of our culture that we’ve built over the last several years. I truly believe keeping our staff active and happy and able to be part of our family is part of the success of our growth.” - Doug Ralston, President/CEO


“Basically our goal is helping the kids get their homework done throughout the day so when mom or dad go home they can parent and be a family, and not have to be on the kids to get their homework done.” - Cyndy


To hear more from the staff about how the distance learning centers in each Centricity Credit Union branch has affected themselves and their families, please click the links below.


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