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Wendy Rubesh Earns Credit Union Financial Counselor Certification

Wendy Rubesh Earns Certification to Serve Members Facing Financial Difficulties



Wendy Rubesh, a Loan Consultant at Centricity Credit Union, has earned her certification to become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC). The training enables her to support members facing financial crisis and guide them towards stability. 


“I want every member to be financially successful!” says Wendy. “I make it my goal with every member to help them understand their credit and the behaviors that create their score. We have so many ways to help a member increase scores, increase savings, and services we can provide members to meet their needs and increase peace of mind in tough times.” 


Minnesota Credit Union Network (MNCUN) offers training to credit union staff around the state with a goal of helping credit unions and the communities they serve to prosper and thrive. As of this graduation class, there are about 100 certified credit union staff throughout Minnesota, which headquarters nearly 97 credit unions. Wendy is now among five CCUFC staff at Centricity Credit Union including Angela Warszynski, Sharesse Edwards, Kristina Vanderscheuren, and Erin Olson.


“We’re proud to host such talented staff at Centricity,” says Jim Swanson, VP of Operations at Centricity. “We were a little surprised to see we have a relatively large percentage of Minnesota’s CCUFC certified staff, but then again, it represents our goal of being a real financial support for our members.” 


“These types of services are needed now,” says Wendy. “The effects of the pandemic have left many in uncertain financial situations.” Minnesota’s unemployment has improved since a peak in May 2020 at 11.3%, now down to 3.3% as of November ‘21, but many are still experiencing the long-term effects of unemployment. With inflation being high, many costs have risen, especially in areas of rent and food. 


“It’s important for people to know they have options, and that we are here to help,” Angela Warszynski, another CCUFC certified staff at Centricity. “Many have relied on the same economic plan for several years, but these shifts demand attention and adjustments to the way we save and spend.”