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Protect Yourself from Scams

During this time, we want to make sure we are all looking out for each other. Take the time to reach out to family members and members of your community who may be more susceptible to fraud and financial scams.
Please help spread the message to anyone who may be more likely to respond to a scam, or may not be on social media. Start conversions with your parents, grandparents, or other senior members of your community about ongoing scams and best practices to keep themselves and their finances safe.
we are all in this together and we want to make sure we are all keeping our health and finances top of mind.
There are simple ways to protect yourself, and it starts with awareness.

Spread the word!

  1. Emails - Be suspicious of links – instead of clicking on links in emails, try going directly to the source’s website on your own. Don’t open emails from unfamiliar senders. Instead just delete them.
  2. Phone Calls - Don’t provide any personal information – if someone calls you and asks for private info like your birthday, Social Security, login credentials, etc., just hang up. Legitimate companies and organizations won’t do that.
  3. Text Messages - Don’t respond to unfamiliar texts – Whether the sender is unfamiliar, or the message just seems unusual, just delete it without responding.
Already clicked on something? Change your password. If you’re worried about something you clicked on, or personal info you gave out, it’s a good idea to change your password for the related site (if there is one). Monitor your accounts and contact us if you see anything out of the ordinary.