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Financial Security

Fraud Prevention Friday – April 9th, 2021

With the pandemic forcing many relationships and dating into interacting online, scammers have tricked people into sending them money by expressing their love. Romance scammers create fake profiles through dating apps or social media networks and make connections with victims. With them confessing their love quickly, this builds trust and victims feel that the story the scammers are telling is fact and truth.

Here are the major signs of a romance scammer:

  • Professes their love very quickly to victim and claims that they are overseas for business or military
  • They ask for money and then gets you off of the dating sites
  • Claims to need money for: emergencies, hospital bills, or travel

The scammers will ask for victims to pay by wiring them money and/or gift cards (including reloadable cards).

The biggest piece of advice that you need to remember: If you haven't met this "sweetheart" in person, DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY OR GIFTS.

Learn more about romance scams and see how you can prevent yourself from being a victim at the Federal Trade Commission's website. What You Need to Know About Romance Scams | FTC Consumer Information