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Easy Ways to Save Some Extra Dough

Easy ways to save some extra dough

The title of this blog post probably has you pretty excited. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO HAVE SOME EXTRA MONEY! Well, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got some savings just for you! These tips have to do with your loans that you may or may not have. Even if you don’t have any loans, you can still use these tips. Let’s jump in!
  • Did you recently pay off your auto loan? CONGRATULATIONS! Keep making the payments. No, not to your loan. Make payments of the same amount as your auto loan to a special savings account to use for maintenance, repairs, or a start on your next car. You already are used to putting down the money each month, why not continue to save!
  • When you use cash, take the change and put it into a piggy bank or container. Keep that going the rest of the month or year and then turn it in and put the cash from the coins into a special savings account for whatever you want to save for. That could be a vacation, a new car, house improvements, etc.
  • Like the past blog post about envelope system, this will definitely help you as well to save for the expenses throughout your life. Reference the blog post from last week for how to start your envelope system.
  • Along with the envelope system, you can also put some money away every week to add up to over $1,000 by the end of the year! You can put some money away each week or every day. You choose what is easier with your budget and your lifestyle and make the effort to save.
  • Open an extra savings account at HFCU that will only allow you to access the funds during November. Our Christmas Club savings accounts will let you put as much money in there as you would like. You will not have access to the funds until November where they will be deposited into your regular savings account or checking account. This is a great way to put money away throughout the year that you can use for Christmas gifts or other holiday expenses.
These easy savings tips will help you to have some extra dough this year! Why not know you are going to have some extra money at the end of the year?!