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CU Forward Day 2020

On Monday, October 12th, Centricity Credit Union joined 4,000 volunteers across Minnesota to dedicate the day to give back and highlight the cooperative spirit that is needed in 2020 more than ever before. As not-for-profit financial institutions, Minnesota’s credit unions work every day to improve their members financial lives. Service is a core element of the social mission of the credit union movement. This annual event spans every part of the state uniting credit unions and their communities in acts of service and kindness.


Centricity Credit Union will be spreading kindness by doing random acts of kindness for the communities they serve throughout the day. With the people helping people mentality every day anyway, October 12th will be a day that they focus solely on giving back and spreading kindness in a time that truly needs it the most.


At Centricity Credit Union we decided to spread random acts of kindness on CU Forward Day. The staff were given $20 gift cards to local businesses and handed them out to members of the community over the weekend. We asked our staff members to share their stories!    
So, I had a Caribou card.  I went through the drive and of course there was nobody behind me.  So, I go out of my car and I walked up to the car in front of me.  I said “Good morning, how are you doing today?  My name is Laurie and I work at Centricity Credit Union, I would like to give you this gift card and I hope you have a terrific day”  She looked at me surprised and said “Really?  Really seriously?  Get out of here!  Thank you Thank you so much”  I said “You’re welcome.  Have a great day. It was a great feeling to make someone have a better day.  – Laurie
I went to Super One yesterday and kind of took my time going into the store.  A young man about college age was headed into the store and I thought he looked like he could use a little something to brighten his day.  I approached him and introduced myself and told him what I was doing.  After that, I offered the gift card.  While he seemed appreciative, he declined the card saying, “There are way worse off people out there than me.  Thank you anyway, but give it to someone else.”  I must admit I was a bit stunned and was lacking words (which is unusual for me J). As I stood there feeling a bit rejected, I saw a young mother and her daughter heading into the store.  Again, I approached, introduced myself and what I was doing.  She looked stunned and said, “Is this for real?”  I said, “Yes!  Centricity Credit Union is looking to pay it forward out in the community and all you have to do is simply accept this gift card.”  She said, “This is amazing!  I’m down to my last ten dollars and had no idea what I was going to be able to buy.”  I could see her eyes start to well up with tears and her daughter (who looked like she was about 6 or 7) grab her hand and smiled up at her mom.  I thanked her again for taking the card and wished them both a good rest of their day. – Shawn
I gave mine to the lady in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru J I told her anyone that works there can have it! She just looked shocked and said thanks! J - Lacey
We were at Defy Duluth last night.  I was bored out of my mind, but my son was having fun.  When I overheard a conversation behind me.  Talking about what to do for supper and being hungry from all the jumping.  So I turned around and said “Today is CU Forward day and I would like you to have this Gift Certificate from Do North.”  She said, you don’t have to do that.  I told her “My employer Centricity Credit Union loves to help the community and we purchased a bunch of gift cards from local businesses for the single reason of handing these out to people today.  Please enjoy some pizza on us.  Have a wonderful night!”  They thanked me and went on their way. – Feather
My sister in law wanted caramel apples and chocolate covered strawberries to feed her pregnancy cravings, so a stop to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the mall was a MUST this weekend and this lady who helped us was just such a ray of sunshine…I knew she was the one to get the 2nd card!  So I explained where I worked and what CU Forward was all about and that there was no “catch” in getting a gift card for pizza.  Her next thing was coming out for a hug and saying she was looking for a new bank  - so then, of course, I had to explain the difference between banks and credit unions…she we just might have a new member! – Billye
These lovely college ladies were excited to get lunch on us (after I convinced them this wasn’t a joke and I wasn’t trying to sell them something) and couldn’t believe that we were out and about doing this on a weekend! – Billye
I gave the caribou gift card to a lady I saw outside with her dog.  She was very happy and she said it made her day. – Steph