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Kid's Club Savings Account

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  • Overview

    Hands-on Financial Education

    We think that financial education for kids should start early and start with real money. Open a Kid’s Club Savings Account with just $5 and help your kids learn how to bank, save, and manage finances. We offer prizes and activities to make saving more fun and offer mobile banking to help you manage the account as a joint owner.

    • Open with only $5
    • Quarterly dividends teach kids about growth
    • Joint ownership with your child
    • Prizes, activities, and events for kids
    • Parents can still use online and mobile banking


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    Make saving and banking a part of their lives

    Build solid financial practices by helping your child get their first account. Open with a social security number, current address, date of birth, and parent/guardian joint owner information with a state-issued ID.

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A parent, Grand parent or guardian will be required to be joint on the account.
    Kids interested in starting a Kids Account only need $5 to get it started.